Marine Mooring Anchor Systems That Prevent Damage To Coral

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Are you looking for a comprehensive solution for protecting and demarcating your fragile reef or ocean bottom?  Welcome to Environmental Moorings International, Inc.(EMI, Inc.)

For over twenty-five years, we have been producing and installing environmentally sensitive, embedded marine mooring anchor systems and demarcation buoys in locations all over the world.

Your Distinctive Project

Your unique circumstances, project, and your desire to protect your sensitive marine environment are important to us, so we take great care to go over every detail of your project with you and advise you on the most efficient, safe, and economical plan and materials. 

Whether you are installing mooring buoys to prevent physical damage to coral, or regulatory buoys for marking the boundaries of protected areas, EMI, Inc. is able to work with you on location and provide on-site demonstration of the installation process to your personnel.

EMI, Inc. coordinates the consolidation and shipment of all materials and equipment.  We can supply all the components you need, including all the necessary hydraulic installation equipment and ship to almost anywhere in the world.

We Simplify Your Process and Reduce Your Stress

Any order for mooring materials is a complex arrangement of multiple pieces of equipment and materials necessary to implement the project. 

Environmental Moorings International, Inc. is the only mooring systems vendor that can easily aggregate all of the correct components, including the anchoring systems, installation equipment and mooring buoy specialty items, into one complete order and ship it to wherever it is needed, even remote international destinations. 

Working with EMI, Inc. on your project eliminates the chance of setbacks and serious errors such as mismatched parts, that are the result of dealing with multiple purchase orders and a variety of vendors who may not be familiar with the components you need.  No other company can assemble your project components and deliver them to you as seamlessly as EMI, Inc..

We Want to Hear From You

Call us now to request a quote 305-451-5984 , or proceed to our Project Planning Worksheet (site under construction - non-working link), which you can use to prepare a quote request. Call, email to , or fax to EMI, Inc. at 305-451-5984.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your project, our system, our business, or our worldwide efforts to protect the marine environment.  You may find it helpful to visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page, and explore our website (site under construction - non-working links).


Welcome to EMI, Inc.

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